Fifteen Fun Things To Do This Fall


I love autumn. I find the change of seasons to be so invigorating.

Fall is such a great time to play outside. It passes all too quickly though, so I always try to make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Autumnal food tastes so satisfying and nourishing. Fall fashion is much more interesting than summer because of the opportunities for more texture and layering. And Halloween is pretty much the most awesome holiday ever. Caramel apples, fun costumes, ghost stories, what’s not to love?

So many reasons to relish this season…..


Here are 15 ideas and activities to celebrate the season…

1. Go out to the country or the mountains simply to breathe the fresh air and take in the views and colorful foliage.

2. Stir pumpkin puree, maple syrup, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg into your morning oatmeal – it’s bomb diggity.

3. Go apple picking with friends or children and then make a pie or maybe some tasty apple bread.

4. Wear a cute fitted blazer and Oxfords. Throw on some knee socks if you want to get real crazy.

5. Listen to Neko Case’s new album. Minus 2 duds, it is absolutely fantastic, gets better with each listen and is very un-summer sounding.

6. Take a big hike before the snow covers the peaks. Pack a thermos with hot apple cider.

7. Go for a cruising mid-afternoon bike ride to enjoy the breeze and the delightful (not searing) sensation of sun on bare skin.

8. Eat squash of all varieties. Bake it, roast it, steam it, puree it. It is so quintessentially fall, incredibly healthy and grounding energetically.

9. Walk around your farmer’s market, buy the best seasonal local produce and give your farmer’s a big high five for the hard work they’ve put in all summer long.

10. Carve an outrageous jack-o-lantern and make caramel apples in celebration of Halloween.

11. Let the energy of the new season put a little wind under your wings so you can get started on that inspiring project or hobby you’ve been wanting to try. For me, it’s French classes and DIY kombucha.

12. Embrace the change in weather. Corduroys, scarves, and Frye boots. ‘Nuff said. Fall is for layers! 

13. Hang bunches of herbs from the garden to dry for winter recipes. Prep your garden beds with compost and coffee grinds so you will be ready to roll come springtime.

14. Tune into the energy of the season by winding down with the earlier nightfall. Harness this dark, cozy energy to reflect and practice meditation before bed for restful sleep and a peaceful heart. 

15. Get outside and connect with your community by volunteering at a local school, shelter or community garden. Share your gifts and energy by serving others.

Bonus: Rake a huge pile of fallen leaves and have a big old raucous leaf fight!

What are you going to do for fun this fall? What’s your favorite thing about this season? Do you have an autumnal tradition in your family? 

Love and Blessings,



4 thoughts on “Fifteen Fun Things To Do This Fall

  1. Cook some -so good- wild mushrooms from Pyrénées mountains, Pumpkin soup with cinamon, Dry some nettles and herbs from my garden from winter recpies and which one I like very much from fall season, start my morning practice with the light of a pure bee-wax candle because at 6h00 am it’s always dark here.

  2. -Bake ALL the things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -I taught Eva how to make ‘stained glass’ one year, and now we make it every year. We go on a nature hike on a day that the leaves are particularly glorious, pick lots of different types and colors of leaves. Make sure they are fairly flat. Let them dry for a day or two. Them iron them between two pieces of waxed paper and put up in a window. Be dazzled by the pretty!!!

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