Asanas In The Gardens, Part 1


Last week, Thaddeus and I did a little photo shoot at the lovely Denver Botanical Gardens with our friend Alison Hathaway of Red Shoes Photography. 

I want to share with you a few pictures from this wonderful experience. As you might know, I am normally very hesitant to have my picture taken doing asana. Honestly, I feel kind of silly and narcissistic practicing yoga in public.

Plus, I have enough bad body baggage and insecurities about my flawed practice that the thought of having it recorded for all to see is rather frightening. But nevertheless, we all had a lot of fun with this shoot and it’s good for me to realize that my body or practice doesn’t need to be “perfect” (whatever that means!) to be beautiful, beneficial and joyful.

My Ashtanga yoga practice is such an internal and deeply personal thing that I don’t normally feel comfortable displaying it physically for others. I prefer to write about it honestly. Even so, blogging is such a visual media and I have often written posts about practice and thought, “I wish I had a decent photo of me practicing for this post.”

And that is where Alison and her gifted skills with the camera came into play….











Love and Blessings,


PS – My husband is such a freakin’ badass, rocking that 3rd Series even though he hasn’t been practicing it much recently. Wowza!


11 thoughts on “Asanas In The Gardens, Part 1

  1. Elegant and relaxed natural look in all photos, 3rd sseries is stunning! my favorite is the first photo…or the 3rd series photo, but all together it quite a non ego display..

  2. Beautiful pics! Love the first one most.
    I can understand your doubts about sharing asana pics. But on the other hand who does not love looking at beautiful, elegant asana pics taken in a stunning surrounding? Nothing bad about that, I think.

    • Thank you Bettina for your lovely comment. Glad you like the photos. I guess part of my hesitation was that there are so many gratuitous, overtly sexual or overdramatic yoga pics out there and I didn’t want to add to that pile, but I’m pleased to hear that readers are finding these to be elegant 🙂

  3. Be jealous. I totally got awesome hand painted, swirly leggings in pinks and purples and GALAXY ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost dug on some ikat ones but these match my tanks better. We should have a ‘rad yoga leggings club’.

    • yes indeed! i have an ashtangi friend in durham who wears the most cray cray leggings. my favorite of which have big black horses on them. i’m so down with the rad yoga leggings club!

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