Giving Thanks


Gratitude is a beautiful practice. It opens the heart, connects people and creates a more accepting and receptive energy that is palpable even on a physical level.

Acknowledging our blessings and giving thanks is something we can do everyday all year long, but there is something special about having a holiday as a collective reminder of this.

My husband and I moved to Denver at Thanksgiving of last year. It has been such a full and vibrant year, replete with challenges, learning opportunities, adjustments and newness.

As I reflect upon this time, I am filled with gratitude and a touch of awe.

For all the friends who offered such loving kindness as we moved away from one town and settled into another one, I give thanks.

For my dearest Thaddeus whose humor, tenderness and sensitivity carries me through my days, I am most grateful. I am constantly learning greater awareness and skills of balance, communication, grace and devotion from you. Our marriage is my greatest teacher. 

I give thanks for my little pup Artemis for her delicious snuggles and her love of play. She helps me to cultivate patience and spend a little more time in the sunshine each day.

I am very grateful for my mother right now. She followed her children Westward and is now establishing a new life for herself here in CO. I am so thankful to have her sweet loving embrace just a short drive away. Her presence and her enthusiasm to be an active part of my life warms my heart and gives me great comfort and joy.

I give thanks for my yoga practice in all its evolution and stubborn persistence.  It keeps my body strong and fit, but even more so, it teaches me acceptance of the present moment, to listen to my needs and to walk the edge with less fear and more honesty. 

I feel so blessed for my beautiful cozy home and my well-stocked pantry. I give thanks everyday for the material luxuries and privileges I have been offered. I am grateful for my full-belly and warm bed as I know that these simple necessities are not a reality for far too many people in this country and our world.

I am grateful for all the learning opportunities I’ve been given this year to expand my love of floral design and style into a new career. Despite the challenges and the intense schedule, I am excited to have been given the chance to grow, learn, gain skills in this field and connect with other creative people.

I give thanks for how my flower work has brought me closer to my sister, giving us a point of connection with which to work together on inspiring projects. She has taught me so much and given me incredible support and advice as I venture into her world of weddings and events. The deepening of our friendship facilitated by our work brings me immense happiness. 

The community here in Denver has been so welcoming and accepting of me, my work and my teaching – for this I am so grateful. I feel blessed to have met so many lovely and open-hearted people in this special place. I love calling it home.

I am grateful for you, my dear reader, for your continued support and readership, as my blog grows, slows and shifts with my life. Whenever I feel like closing it down, I remember the kind comments and emails I’ve received from you, and it lifts my spirits, giving me the boost I need to keep writing and sharing my life and journey with you.

Thank you.

I hope you have a very blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving.

Love and Blessings,



6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. such a beautiful post! I feel inspired to work on one too. I’m thankful I came across your blog as I love so many aspects of it… that you cover so many different things, from yoga, to sharing flowers and your road trip, talking about shamanic healing (I had my first experience with this on saturday and still have emotions over it!) and including your spiritual beliefs. I’m currently on that journey. Happy Thanksgiving!

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