The Perfect Healthy Winter Snack


Last week I shared with you my husband’s favorite seasonal sweet treat, and today I want to share with you mine.

Bruléed grapefruit: quick to make, chock-full of vitamin C and totally decadent despite its lack of calories or fat.

I was raised to enjoy a cold sugar-less grapefruit every morning in the wintertime. We always received big boxes full of them from my Florida grandparents. I still love the simplicity of the sweet and tart Ruby Reds eaten with serrated spoon. It’s one of the few cold things I can even think of eating this time of year. That said, when a friend introduced me a few years ago to the concept of broiling brown sugar on grapefruits, I was rather smitten.

Bruléed grapefruit is the perfect evening snack for me at the end of a long winter day. It’s sweet, warm and has got a little kick, but it’s not going to make me go to bed feeling yucky and full. Like most Ashtangis, I try to stick clear of eating a large meal in the evening before practice days, but sometimes I still get hungry once the sun goes down and I need a bit more sustenance after a full day on my feet at the flower shop.


To make this little treat, simply slice open a Ruby Red grapefruit, sprinkle with Coconut Sugar or Raw Turbinado Sugar.

Pop in the toaster oven or real oven and broil for 4 to 6 minutes until all the sugar on top is melted and the white sides of the grapefruit have a slight touch of brown on them.

Eat up with a spoon, segment by segment. Don’t forget to squeeze the juice out at the end for a final tasty slurp.

This time of year it can be easy to overindulge in sugary cakes, cookies and party food. I find it really helpful to keep my own fridge and pantry extra healthy so that when I come home from all the holiday busyness, I know I can return to a healthier, cleaner diet to keep my body and life in balance.

What is your favorite healthy wintery snack?


Love and Blessings.



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