Link Love: Thoughts and Things


Happy Wednesday friends!

Here are a few links you might enjoy browsing if you need a little break from the old grind…..

Guruji on yoga as therapy via Eddie Stern.

Fun vocabulary quiz – I love words.

One of the dreamier inspiration shoots I’ve seen in a while. Those flowers!! Swoon…

I want these for succulents – sweetly old fashioned, love the juxtaposition with the spiky dessert plants.

So inspiring – two floral designers on opposite coasts doing weekly all local designs.

Digging these funky yoga clothes. Nice break from the typical Lulu look.

This curry sounds tasty. I definitely need some new food inspiration right now.

I think I might need this dress in grey, if only because it shares a name with my dog.

Have you seen DG’s Second Series yoga dvd yet? Here’s the preview. 


What inspiring/entertaining you these days? 

Love and Blessings,



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Links: Pretty + Interesting


Let’s take a quick pause to acknowledge just how amazing the internet is.

Sometimes I feel like looking at my computer is a waste of time, but honestly, I receive so much inspiration, humor, connection and education from my web perusals. It’s a pretty incredible resource. I received my first email address when I was in elementary school, so I don’t really remember much of life before the web, but I have witnessed real evolution in it as a medium for communicating art, style, design and information.

Here are a few links of things I’ve loved recently….from silly pretty stuff to more serious thought-provoking issues:

As a bookworm myself, I adore these book cover tees.

This powerful essay on patriotism, service and injustice in our military and our country is challenging but very important.

I love the design of this blog on health, wellness, beauty and life. It’s so peaceful.

Smitten by this 1950’s vintage wedding dress.

Seriously coveting this handmade ikat purse.

These incredible portraits of dying cultures are so arresting. I would love to see this book.

Slouchy (and affordable) cashmere tunics – yes please!

I had so much fun styling and modeling this week for an industrial wedding inspiration shoot. I can’t wait to share the photos with you. For now, check out our inspiration board for it.

I think the whole notion of something “changing the way you live your life” is way overused these days, but that said, I found many of these quotes on writing, love, dreaming, truth and gratitude to be very beautiful and affirming.

I found this article and slideshow to be quite fascinating. I’m always intrigued by what we fetishize as a culture, particularly in the realm of design and lifestyle.

For all you Second Series practitioners out there, this is rather illuminating.

Joy Thigpen is my idol these days in the world of flowers, weddings and style. So much ethereal, raw, swoon-worthy prettiness…

This piece by my friend’s mother on worry, changing thought patterns and the small victories of a consistent practice is a must-read for all my fellow worriers out there.


Enjoy these links my dear readers.

Love Frances



Essential Oil Of The Week: Lavender


Lavender is one of those classic essential oils that anyone and everyone can use with great success. It is such a powerful and beautiful plant with a multitude of therapeutic benefits. The flowers themselves are lovely and very pleasing to the senses. Case in point, just look at those gorgeous rows! Makes me want to go to France right now.

You might think of lavender mostly for its calming and relaxing properties, but the effects of this essential oil go far beyond that. Because of its ability to treat a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental issues, it is often called the “mother of all essential oils.”

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Prema: Flowers + Style


My dear readers,

You probably have guessed by now that I have a love for flowers and pretty things. Yes, my life actually does extend beyond yoga poses, puppies and vegan cookies, believe it or not. You’ve probably read about my DIY wedding and gleaned from other posts that I have been working in the floral and wedding industry since this spring.

It’s been an exciting career change for me. I’m constantly learning new tricks of the trade and getting a better sense, with every wedding weekend, just what kind of crazy work it actually takes to pull off these kind of beautiful events.

I’ve been doing assorted contract work with at least five different local florists as well as occasional styling and event work with my talented sister who is an extraordinary wedding planner up in Aspen.

I’m still not exactly sure where all this will lead, but I feel like this year has been an excellent time to garner skills, practice and inspiration for a future business, whether it’s a solo venture or a partnership.

Since I have a passion for styling even beyond florals, and opportunities for this type of endeavor have been popping up in my little world, I have decided to unofficially launch my freelance floral design and event styling business.

In keeping with the spirit of Lila (play) and my own spiritual and life orientation, I am calling my venture “Prema” which means Love in the purest sense of the word. Prema also happens to be my middle name; a name that was given to me in my spiritual community a number of years ago.

I have a little website,, which I would love for you to take a peek at, if you feel so inclined. I imagine I will start blogging a bit over on that venue, especially when I have more photos of events and flowers to share.

Because of the time and energy I am putting into developing my career right now, I know that this blog has been a touch neglected and for that I am sorry. Through all this, I am ever so grateful for your continued support and readership.

This morning I leave for a long weekend of work on a very high-end wedding in the mountains. I will be assisting Lauryl Lane, a celebrated floral designer from Los Angeles. I am sure I will come home late Sunday night absolutely exhausted and full of inspiration, sure signs of a time well-spent.

So, please excuse my social media silence over the next few days….too many bouts to tie, roses to dethorn, and centerpieces to assemble!

Love and Blessings,


My Clean Green Beauty Routine


There’s no denying it. I’m kind of a hippie flower child, despite the fact that I cut off my dreadlocks years ago. Take a look in my bathroom and you will see lots of random glass bottles and jars – no Pantene ProV or Secret in sight.

A few years ago, I got serious about “cleaning” up my beauty routine. I’ve always used high quality products, but when I read a book about the dirty side of the cosmetics industry, I knew it was time to step it up a notch. The amount of cancer-causing, endocrine-disrupting and generally nasty chemicals in our conventional products is down-right scary! So I purged my bathroom of all my fancy makeup and shampoos and started fresh with simple, organic, cruelty-free and natural products.

Using Skindeep as a resource for investigating different product’s safety ratings, I began experimenting with new hair and beauty concoctions. Whole Foods carries a lot of great products, many of which make the cut in terms of my standards of health/chemical-free cleanness. Acure Organics is one of my favorite brands that Whole Foods carries, mostly because it is so affordable for the high quality and cleanliness it delivers.

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Feeling Jazzed About…


Happy Sunday morning!

This is my favorite part of the week to simply lie around and be lazy. We had a little farmer’s market and dog park playtime and now I’m just relaxing on my couch with hubs and pup. Life is sweet.

Here’s a list of what I am feeling excited about, inspired by, slightly greedy for and generally psyching on…

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Simple Luxuries


Life can be rocky, unglamorous and exhausting sometimes. Simply put, daily living is not all breezy linens and pastel macarons, despite what we might see on Pinterest. For those of us without maids, assistants, cooks and the ability for impromptu five-star gettaways, finding sweetness, softness and happiness in the day-to-day must be done by indulging in the simple luxuries. Those little things that make a world of difference, that bring a sense of gentle ease and contentment and, most importantly, encourage a remembrance of the beauty and brilliance of one’s own unique path.

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Nothing Quite Like A Hot Sweaty Therapeutic Russian Beating


I am a self-proclaimed spa junkie. Whether I’m fortunate enough to be in a plush terry robe at a fancy resort or jumping into cold plunges at a Korean Spa in a stripmall or simply relaxing in my own bathtub with essential oils and salt in the water and clay on my face – I am a happy girl. I love to soak, sweat, get scrubbed and rubbed and shined ’til my skin glows and my muscles feel like jello. I would rather a spa visit in my birthday suit than a fancy dress and party any day.

One of my absolute favorite discoveries here in Denver is a place called Izba Spa. It is a traditional Russian banya spa located conveniently walking distance from my house. The massage therapists there, mostly Russian men, do deep sports massage and therapeutic bodywork. It can feel like a bit of a butt-kicking, but the effects are worth it. Apparently Izba therapists are the official team masseurs for the Avalanche hockey team.

In honor of my husband’s half-birthday (every couple has their quirky thing, one of ours is being very celebratory and silly over half-birthdays), we went to Izba for an hour and a half of serious heat and beatings.

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Essential Oil of the Week: Ylang Ylang


It has been too long since I’ve shared an essential oil with you. This week’s delightful one, ylang ylang, is celebrated for its ability to calm the heart, and since I shared my favorite heart-calming meditation practice with you a few days ago, it only seemed appropriate to follow up with this post. I also find ylang ylang to be a very fun word to say.

Ylang ylang is sometimes called the “poor man’s jasmine”, but I don’t think that is completely fair because it has a gorgeous dreamy fragrance all of its own. Apparently, the petals of ylang ylang flowers are strewn across the beds of newlywed couples in Indonesia for their beauty and aphrodisiac qualities. The scent of ylang ylang is feminine, sweet, heavy and sensual. It is simultaneously cooling, calming and euphoric.

Ylang Ylang essential oil is considered a “harmonizing” oil as it has been shown to reduce pulse rate while at the same time increasing alertness and arousal. It is beneficial for the circulatory system for treating high blood pressure and heart palpitations. It is used in addressing impotence, PMS and anxiety. It is soothing, increasing feelings of inner trust, peace and self-confidence.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Give Up


And plant pretty summer flowers instead!

Ok, here’s the story. When I was living back East, I was able to grow a flourishing vegetable garden. I rarely did any research or even read the seed packages, but with a little love and attention, my garden was bountiful and delicious because of the fertile conditions and long growing season there. I remember in June of 2011 having so much extra kale in my garden that I had to bag it up and give it away to friends because we simply could not eat it all fast enough.

Case in point – Here is a photo of us being smoochyface in our garden in late May 2012.


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