Delivery, Please.


It’s a bit odd and yet heart-sweetening to realize that you know someone that well and yet you are not bored.

When the rush-hour phone call to the cheap Asian delivery is ordered with an automatic knowing. Of course that’s what he wants. No need to think. Sesame tofu please. No egg right? No fish sauce please. I’ll pay cash at the door, as you run that yellow light.

Be it that, or Indian. Saag Paneer, no doubt. Chana masala, if we’re feeling spicy.

Sushi? Tempura rolls are a must. And there must never be the thought of shortage. We should have to beg the other to take that last piece, that’s how full one is after sharing sushi with my husband.

Pizza. Yes, always pizza. Banana peppers, olives, extra cheese. No more than two toppings unless the sky is falling down. Even though I question it every time, I know this is how he likes it, no if’s, and’s or but’s. Sounds blah to me, but it ain’t my pizza.

Speaking to a friend in passing about relationships I shared how I once stayed with a boy three years too long simply because I never spent more than a week at once by his side. Distance breeds overly optimistic perceptions of the reality of love.

Romance abounds, but with it, delusions and foolish desires of the possibility of change, even of the changeless.

Real love is sitting on the couch, exhausted and hungry. It is going to the bank and sorting laundry. It is distributing duties according to strengths and needs. It is the search for that one small but spot-on gift each birthday, each Christmas year after year, without becoming complacent or predictable. Real love is not either of these things, even when it appears routine.

True love is coming to grips with those opinions which you simply do not share, oh well. It is accepting one another’s weaknesses and sticky points, without thinking less of the person.

It is encouraging growth and sharing passions. It is deep-sea diving into the heart and finding that gem, the one that glinted in the sun first igniting a spark, years ago.

Real love is holding one another close, remembering that whispered “I love you” each night as you drift asleep.

And never ever forgetting it.




Giving Thanks


Gratitude is a beautiful practice. It opens the heart, connects people and creates a more accepting and receptive energy that is palpable even on a physical level.

Acknowledging our blessings and giving thanks is something we can do everyday all year long, but there is something special about having a holiday as a collective reminder of this.

My husband and I moved to Denver at Thanksgiving of last year. It has been such a full and vibrant year, replete with challenges, learning opportunities, adjustments and newness.

As I reflect upon this time, I am filled with gratitude and a touch of awe.

For all the friends who offered such loving kindness as we moved away from one town and settled into another one, I give thanks.

For my dearest Thaddeus whose humor, tenderness and sensitivity carries me through my days, I am most grateful. I am constantly learning greater awareness and skills of balance, communication, grace and devotion from you. Our marriage is my greatest teacher. 

I give thanks for my little pup Artemis for her delicious snuggles and her love of play. She helps me to cultivate patience and spend a little more time in the sunshine each day.

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Love, Adaptablility, Hard Work and Total JOY!

WHOA! It happened and it was crazy wonderful amazing! We are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Harjeet!

It all feels like a bit of a dream. We just finished up the last of the clean up down at Belle Haven. I’m so very tired today after all the intense work and emotion that made our wedding weekend the perfection that it was.

The garden wedding and luncheon that I had been planning (down to the most minute detail!) since last October got a big change when we realized that despite the warm, sunny Saturday, our Sunday wedding would be a cold and very wet one! But despite this, and numerous other things that went a bit “wrong”, everything was peaceful, sweet and simply gorgeous. Grace prevailed!

In the 2 days leading up the wedding, many dear, creative and hard-working friends and family members pitched in and we moved everything inside and made all sorts of new arrangements. This was a bit shocking and upsetting for me, for about 2 minutes, and then I got over it and fell in love with the new plan.

It feels like over the past few years, as a result of my spiritual work and yoga practice, it’s somehow getting easier for me to let go of my constructed plans and be more flexible around the curve balls of life. I still feel strong emotions about the changes, but they last only a brief moment, and a few minutes later I’m happily adapting and moving forward with gusto. That skill of adaptability was a godsend this weekend when everything that I had been envisioning for the past year totally had to change! Thank goodness because otherwise this would have been quite a big mess!

Anyways, right now, I am lying in bed, nursing a cold that developed from stressing out my immune system with all my DIYing, moving furniture, running around the estate in the rain, arranging flowers and basically not sleeping for the past month. So, I’m not going to say much more for today, except that I am really happy and I feel so blessed by all the love and support I received this weekend. I’m so grateful for my family and friends and my wonderful new husband!

Our wedding was more beautiful and profoundly sacred that I could have even imagined. I’ve never seen a wedding with more flowers – it was intoxicating! I was so moved by the beauty and palpable love when I walked into the ceremony that I completely gasped and my eyes welled up with huge tears of joy. My darling Thaddeus simply took my breath away.

The top pics from the day of are courtesy of our amazing photographer Sarah Cramer! Below you will see some iphone shots of remnants of a few of the smaller arrangements that are now bedecking my home, filling it with sweet fragrance and blissful memories. Oh how I love flowers!

Love Frances.


My bouquet – roses, passion flower vine, stephanotis, orchids, ammi, queen anne’s lace, ecualyptus berries and nigella.

Cards and love from our dear friends

The clean-up crew – near the end of it! Phew!

Salvaging roses – so hard to say goodbye to such decadent floral abundance!

Hard-working, joke-telling, furniture-moving, floor-sweeping, arrangement-deconstructing, crate-carrying, big-smiling friends! God bless ’em!