Resolutions – Why? Why Not?


Well hello everyone, it’s a “new year.”

That means the vast majority of people have been making and breaking new year’s resolutions…to lose weight, eat less sugar, exercise more, be more financially responsible, be more organized, yada yada, you know the deal.

Some of these folks might actually follow through and succeed with these goals, but many will not. Perhaps they will feel really down on themselves for having “failed.” Maybe they will keep trying, or maybe simply toss the whole idea all together and resort back to old habits, hoping for better luck next year.

Personally, I’ve never made a big deal around new year’s eve or resolutions. In years past, I went to big concerts and would wake up the next day, hungover, ready for breakfast not powerful life changes. Even then, I hated the whole countdown-to-midnight-kiss thing. Too corny for my taste.

In recent years, I’ve fallen asleep long before midnight, enjoying the extra downtime with my sweetie before the holidays ended.

This year, as we were falling asleep I asked Thaddeus if he had any resolutions for the new year. He glibly responded in typical fashion something like, “new year’s resolutions are silly, there’s nothing that makes tomorrow “new” other than a man-made construction of a calendar and, in all honesty, I am quite content with my life and have very little I would like to change.” To which I responded, in typical fashion, “That’s nice, but don’t you have goals and hopes for your life? Aren’t there certain things you want to spend more time doing? How can you possibly not want to grow and change?”

So we chatted for a bit and both came up with a few goals and thoughts, although we never expressed these outright as “resolutions.”

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Intentions and Goals for 2013.



Happy New Year dear readers!


So, I love making lists. It’s a family trait. You should see my sister’s lists….wow.

Making lists helps clarify for me what it is that is most important for me to do first; it prioritizes the activities I need to attend to. Writing down all the myriads of reminders, thoughts and worries that are flitting about my brain makes its easier for me to calm down, stop fretting and start doing.

Making lists with meaning is even better! As I was thinking last night about my hopes and dreams for this new year, I realized that I was being ambitious (as always) and that it was timing to stop thinking and start writing. I don’t necessarily love the idea of New Year’s “resolutions”, especially if they come steeped in self-judgement about your previous behavior. But, I do resonate with the activity of setting positive goals, conscious intentions (sankalpa is the word for this in Sanskrit) and dreaming big.

When it comes to manifesting what you want in life, the most crucial step is first knowing what you want. Last year I went through many months of feeling kind of aimless. I didn’t know what to do with myself, how best to use my gifts, how to make a career out of what I love to do, how to be more productive, how to come out of my shell and be more social and out-going, etc.,.

The wedding and the move came and went. When that busyness  subsided I once again found myself wondering what do I do now?? At the end of the year, the universe started giving me some signs – Hallelujah!

I feel like I’m starting 2013 on a good note. I spend some solid time in tears yesterday, for no apparent reason, but obviously some kind of release was happening, some important letting-go. I woke up today feeling fresh. I had a great  yoga practice this morning; my body felt light and receptive to Primary Series.

Tonight I want to share with you my goals and intentions for the new year. In this way, by putting them out there for the world to see, I hope I can be resolute to follow these dreams and make 2013 my best year yet.


In 2013 I will……

Meditate every single day. Recently (but inconsistently) I’ve been practicing an 11 minute Kundalini meditation called Indra Nittri followed by 3 minutes of chanting for abundance. This year I am committing to doing this meditation practice for 365 days straight. I’ve never done the same meditation practice for that many days in a row, but I’m going on 9 years of Kundalini Yoga so I think it’s time to take it up a notch!

Practice more consistent and conscious organization in my household and finances. I’m still figuring out this whole being a grown-up thing. Sometimes I get totally overwhelmed by all the paper work , household chores, taxes and bills. This year I want to get more organized with my own personal management and budgeting systems. This is all quite a snore, but I know that a more comprehensive and easy system will reduce the anxiety I sometimes feel with this stuff. That way I can focus on the more important things in life!

Be more mindful about my refined sugar consumption. I have quite the sweet tooth, there’s no denying it. At home I only use unrefined, natural sweeteners, but over the past few months of going to lots of restaurants and being on the road, I’ve been eating more cane sugar and my body hasn’t been too thrilled about it. I want to practice my healthiest eating habits this year as a way of honoring and respecting the temple that is my body.

Become more computer savvy and give my blog the love it needs to grow. I need to learn more about formatting, editing photos on Photoshop, making photo collages, gathering my media kit and more. I love this little blog and I believe it has the potential to shine and offer information and joy to lots of people. I’m still finding Lila’s “voice” but I am enthusiastic about the future. Although I am not very good at self-promotion, I am going to rev it up and start sharing my blog in a bigger way. This year I am going to approach a few carefully selected companies to see if they might be interested in sponsoring Lila. If you run a business that has values in line with my blog and would like to help me launch this thing with some very affordable advertising, please give a shout!

Explore my new hometown and engage in community activities. Before our move to Denver I had never lived in a real city before for more than a month. I am loving getting to know this place. This year I want to take full advantage of what this city has to offer. I want to go to all the museums, eat at great restaurants, pop into cute shops, scavenge around antique shops, meander through art galleries, go to inspiring and educational lectures, take workshops, do walking history tours, visit all the parks, see shows at the many theaters and take Thad to a concert at Red Rocks. I want to take French classes at the Alliance Francaise and maybe some dance classes too. I want to meet my local farmer’s at the summer farmer’s markets and get a plot in a community garden. I want to ride my bike all over this cool city and meet new friends. I plan to put myself out there this year! It can take a little work to try new things and explore a new community (especially if you get in the routine of being a little homebody like me) but it is so rewarding and fun when you actually do it!

Go to flower school and get a job at a flower shop. This is, hands down, what I am most excited about in 2013. At the end of the last year (as in, a few weeks ago) I had the realization that I do not want to be teaching yoga and doing bodywork full time. It’s not sustainable for my body, nor is it totally fulfilling for me. I absolutely love practicing yoga and I do gain joy and benefit from teaching, but I know that to be a successful yoga teacher (financially) I would have to brand myself, obsessively promote myself and work my body to a pulp. I’m not interested in that. Especially because vinyasa yoga, my main style of teaching, is not my actual practice. I enjoy it, it can be fun, but it’s not my passion. I am not qualified to teach Ashtanga, which is my practice, so for now I am going to put vinyasa on the backburner and just teach a few donation Kundalini Yoga here in Denver. So why flowers? Well, I grew up surrounded by flowers in the home and in our garden. Doing my own flowers for my wedding sparked something in me. I loved the creativity of it, the puzzle of arranging and the meditative quality of working with flowers. I want to eventually work with event design or maybe even run my own flower shop one day. I love the idea of having a job outside of yoga and healing work. This way I can keep these important parts of my life as what they really are – practice, service and healing – and have my career be separate from that. I love the thought of working in the floral design business because flowers simply make people happy – and whatever I do for a job, I want to make sure that a big part of it is offering joy and beauty to others.


Thsse are my big ones for this big year.

What about you? What are your wildest hopes and dreams for this beautiful new year?


Love and Gratitude,