Link Love: Thoughts and Things


Happy Wednesday friends!

Here are a few links you might enjoy browsing if you need a little break from the old grind…..

Guruji on yoga as therapy via Eddie Stern.

Fun vocabulary quiz – I love words.

One of the dreamier inspiration shoots I’ve seen in a while. Those flowers!! Swoon…

I want these for succulents – sweetly old fashioned, love the juxtaposition with the spiky dessert plants.

So inspiring – two floral designers on opposite coasts doing weekly all local designs.

Digging these funky yoga clothes. Nice break from the typical Lulu look.

This curry sounds tasty. I definitely need some new food inspiration right now.

I think I might need this dress in grey, if only because it shares a name with my dog.

Have you seen DG’s Second Series yoga dvd yet? Here’s the preview. 


What inspiring/entertaining you these days? 

Love and Blessings,



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Links: Pretty + Interesting


Let’s take a quick pause to acknowledge just how amazing the internet is.

Sometimes I feel like looking at my computer is a waste of time, but honestly, I receive so much inspiration, humor, connection and education from my web perusals. It’s a pretty incredible resource. I received my first email address when I was in elementary school, so I don’t really remember much of life before the web, but I have witnessed real evolution in it as a medium for communicating art, style, design and information.

Here are a few links of things I’ve loved recently….from silly pretty stuff to more serious thought-provoking issues:

As a bookworm myself, I adore these book cover tees.

This powerful essay on patriotism, service and injustice in our military and our country is challenging but very important.

I love the design of this blog on health, wellness, beauty and life. It’s so peaceful.

Smitten by this 1950’s vintage wedding dress.

Seriously coveting this handmade ikat purse.

These incredible portraits of dying cultures are so arresting. I would love to see this book.

Slouchy (and affordable) cashmere tunics – yes please!

I had so much fun styling and modeling this week for an industrial wedding inspiration shoot. I can’t wait to share the photos with you. For now, check out our inspiration board for it.

I think the whole notion of something “changing the way you live your life” is way overused these days, but that said, I found many of these quotes on writing, love, dreaming, truth and gratitude to be very beautiful and affirming.

I found this article and slideshow to be quite fascinating. I’m always intrigued by what we fetishize as a culture, particularly in the realm of design and lifestyle.

For all you Second Series practitioners out there, this is rather illuminating.

Joy Thigpen is my idol these days in the world of flowers, weddings and style. So much ethereal, raw, swoon-worthy prettiness…

This piece by my friend’s mother on worry, changing thought patterns and the small victories of a consistent practice is a must-read for all my fellow worriers out there.


Enjoy these links my dear readers.

Love Frances



Fifteen Fun Things To Do This Fall


I love autumn. I find the change of seasons to be so invigorating.

Fall is such a great time to play outside. It passes all too quickly though, so I always try to make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Autumnal food tastes so satisfying and nourishing. Fall fashion is much more interesting than summer because of the opportunities for more texture and layering. And Halloween is pretty much the most awesome holiday ever. Caramel apples, fun costumes, ghost stories, what’s not to love?

So many reasons to relish this season…..

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Feeling Jazzed About…


Happy Sunday morning!

This is my favorite part of the week to simply lie around and be lazy. We had a little farmer’s market and dog park playtime and now I’m just relaxing on my couch with hubs and pup. Life is sweet.

Here’s a list of what I am feeling excited about, inspired by, slightly greedy for and generally psyching on…

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Flower Love


So it’s Tuesday and I’m not feeling particularly sparkly. Blame it on the Supermoon, but I have not slept through the night in days and it’s starting to wear on me.

My body felt a bit too delicate in my Second Series practice this morning and I have a busy day ahead.

In my dream world I would enjoy spending this day creating grand and exhilaratingly wild floral designs like those of Constance Spry. I would definitely be wearing a silk turban and pearls. I would lounge about in the afternoon sipping on iced lindenflower tisane and nibbling pink and green macaroons (non-vegan, full of sugar and wheat, if you please!).

But no, off to teach a class I go, followed by an hour of getting needles stuck in me where I will inevitably be given another few weeks’ worth of vile herbs to drink, and then an afternoon of washing, windexing and wrapping ribbons around vases at my unglamorous job at the floral warehouse.

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The Earth Laughs In Flowers

Or at least that’s what the technicolor poster in our apartment in India said….

True or not, I sure am crazy about flowers!

I love for people to smile and be happy (Bobby McFerrin was my jam when I was a kiddo).

I adore how a bunch of beautiful blooms can brighten up someone’s day and lift their spirits almost instantly. Everyone loves receiving flowers, right? That’s why it became clear to me, after the endeavor of DIYing the flowers for my wedding last year, that I want to be in the floral business. Why not make a career out of making people smile?

Being a florist requires a lot of hard work, creativity, adaptability, inspiration and passion. I may lack many things in life (logical organization skills, great handwriting, innate tidiness, comprehension of numbers, just to a name a few…), but these aforementioned requirements of floristry are actually all qualities that I possess.

Last week I completed an intensive course in floral design. It was incredibly fun, educational and eye-opening. I’ve always loved arranging flowers, but I had no idea how much there was to learn about it. It’s truly an art.

I love being crafty and making messes, but working with flowers took my creative streak to a whole new level because it’s designing and building with a living medium. I am completely jazzed these days on playing with the different colors, compositions and textures of plants.

I’m still just in the early stages of communication with a few different flower shops and design studios, but I know something great will appear to help me gain more experience in this field. I’ll keep you posted!

For now, here are just a few snapshots of arrangements I created while in school over the past month.








Love and Blessings!


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I’m Loving…

irving-penndorian leigh, new york, 1946 • irving penn

Ashtanga teacher Dena Kinsberg’s beautiful words on marriage, birth and parenting. I was totally smitten by her at the Confluence – such grace, devotion and realness. I hope to have the chance to study with her more in the future. I really feel like she could be “my teacher,” especially in the coming years as I approach the questions of practice in pregnancy.

The emerald green dress in this dreamy inspiration shoot. I’m fully on board with emerald being “the color of the year” – it is crazy gorgeous.

My Thaddeus. I always love him of course, but I’m especially grateful for the extra awesomeness he’s been offering me these past few weeks. Since I’m in school right now and he is not working (he begins his acupuncture program in two months and will be fully engaged in that endeavor for the next 3 years) he has been cooking me dinner every night, preparing post-practice breakfast while I shower, running errands, cleaning the house and not even letting me touch a dirty dish. A-mazing. I really like having a housewife! He’s cute too.

This so-clean-you-can-eat-it face scrub from Naya Organics. My skin feels soft as satin after I use it.

This blog about incredible and inspirational women who’ve changed how we view the world. I love the drawings and quotes – I always learn something fascinating from this site.

Helping build the Kundalini Yoga Denver community by manning the Facebook page and other marketing tools. I love my fellow teachers  and I feel really blessed to have found this group here in CO.

What’s are you loving on right now?







I’m Digging This…

Life is way more fun if you get psyched about it. Sure, some days are hard, but there are way more awesome things about each day than not-awesome.

Here’s what I’m digging on today….


Doing dropbacks again! When there is no pain involved, these little sprinkles on top of the Ashtanga sundae are just plain fun. Wheee!!!

Lana Del Rey. I’m absolutely obsessed with the first two songs, Ride and American off her most recent EP. Constant playback in my brain right now. Dreamy and languid, seriously soulful.

These sparkly Wizard of Oz-green studs. I’m totally in love with all of Alexis Russell’s jewelry these days.

Masala Dosas. I don’t care if the dosas are apparently better in Mysore – I still love me some spicy crispy South Indian breakfast after a good hard yoga sesh here in Kovalam.

Loving up on Love. This e.e. cummings poem shared on Fete is making me smile today.

I’m finally getting near the end of the epic journey that has been reading Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. This book is so engrossing and also sometimes crazy boring. It makes me want to go to Paris right now, but I’m still mystified how that musical emerged out of this insanely long and twisted tome.

This blog – NaturallyElla. Such an encyclopedia of healthy, delicious, seasonal vegetarian recipes.

Flowers flowers everywhere! I am so excited about starting floral design school when I get back to the States. I’ve been collecting images of my favorite arrangements on this board. 

This seed and nut bread recipe.  It’s flourless, super healthy and looks amazingly tasty. Can’t wait to make this!


That’s just a spattering of things that are getting me going these days.

What’s inspiring and enchanting you today?


Love Frances




What’s Inspiring Me Today…


Remembering Shyam Das – a true Bhakta so full of love, devotion and a real gift for sharing this with others. His kirtans at Bhakti Fest were always some of the best. He left his body in India yesterday and he will be very missed. He opened the hearts of so many people with his hilarious yet deep stories and perfectly bhav-bubbling-over kirtans. There are many beautiful words and stories floating around today about Shyam-ji. This post from Krishna Das is especially moving. Haribol!

This video of B.K.S. Iyengar as a young man practicing awe-inducing asana. I find these old silent films of the Krishnamacharya’s devoted students absolutely awesome – way more cool than the groovy tuned, scantily-clad yoga-girl videos so prevalent on the web today.

David Garrigues talking about pain and injury in Ashtanga Yoga. I needed to hear this today. My SI pain has been acting up a bit, so it’s good to have this reminder….still trying to figure out what the lesson inherent is….but no doubt about it, pain is real.

I’ve been into digging through fanciful assorted images of dancers, actresses, antique prints and other oddities on the web recently. I’ve been compiling a board on Pinterest of some of my favorites.


What’s been inspiring you recently?

Love and Blessings,