Snapshots Of Our Mountain Holiday


We arrived back in Denver on Friday, but Christmas already feels long gone. We had a wonderful five days of retreat in the mountains – just what we needed. The cool mountain air and perfect Colorado sunshine was restorative and invigorating.

Thaddeus and I spent the holiday together just the two of us and it was wonderfully relaxing. We skied hard, slept copious amounts, ate plenty, lay in bed for hours watching Netflix and took strolls around the charming town of Telluride.

After four nights there, we popped over to Ouray for a visit to the vapor caves, a lovely hike and a night at a beautifully restored historic hotel. Before our long drive back to the Front Range, we enjoyed a quick morning dip at the Orvis Hot Springs, which have quickly become my new absolute favorites.

Here are a few iphone snaps of our Christmas vacay! Enjoy!

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Merry Merry!


I hope you have a wonderful holiday! This is our little Xmas card this year – basically a tribute to how freakin’ adorable our dog is and how much better Thad’s eka pada is than mine. 🙂

Thaddeus and I are off for a week of rest, fun and skiing in Telluride!

It’s going to be quiet round ye ole bloggy blog for a bit….Enjoy the holiday cheer with your family and friends.


Love and Blessings,


Road Tripping + Relaxing


We have returned from our wonderfully lazy and fun Crestone gettaway.

Despite my best intentions to go for big hikes, do lots of yoga, meditate for hours blah blah blah, what we really did was sleep, eat and laugh! We went for a daily leisurely stroll too. And honestly, I think that was much more in line with what I actually needed. I feel happy, rested and very connected right now upon my return to the big city.

Nine plus hours of sleep for 5 nights in a row. Heaven! Long soaks in the healing waters of Ojo Caliente. Superb! The final season of The Office. Oh my goodness! Excuse me for tarnishing any shiny spiritual veneer you might have imagined on me, but that stuff is freakin’ hilarious!

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Fresh Air.

It does a body good.

The past 10 days have been a wonderful affirmation of why I moved back to Colorado.


Lots of playing in the snow! We down-hill skied, cross-country skied and tromped through the snow like eskimos every day. It was glorious. Just breathing in that mountain air made me feel stronger and more invigorated than I’ve felt in a long time.

My Mum was out to visit for the holidays.

We spent 6 nights up in Snowmass with my sister and her husband.


Is this not one of the most gorgeous places in the world? Need I remind you that’s just a snapshot from my iphone at the top of Snowmass mountain. Simply breathtaking.

Big news – Thad learned how to ski! My sister used to be a ski instructor in Aspen so she was the perfect teacher. It was truly the best Christmas gift she could have given me.


I can’t even tell you how psyched I am about this. I sort of thought my skiing days were over, but now he is thoroughly obsessed and I know we will be spending a lot more time on the slopes in the future.

photo (1)

I love to ski, if you can’t tell from that silly grin on my face.


Before Christmas day itself, we headed down to Fraser to a sweet little place my family has frequented before called The Wild Horse Inn. Here we met up with my brother and his wife.


We celebrated the holiday at this beautiful lodge. My sister and her husband came down from Aspen to surprise my mother on Christmas morning.


Christmas with the family was not without its glitches and momentarily catastrophic but utterly fixable disasters. But that’s Christmas, right? This was our first Christmas as a married couple and for both my siblings as well. It was quite special to share that together.


See this crazy puzzle? My Mum rents these handcut, wooden puzzles from a company in Maine. They are highly addictive. They do not come with a picture and some of them do not have straight edges so they can be really challenging. They require extreme focus  and I totally adore that. We did 4 of these puzzles over the break and it was the most wonderful alternative to being on the internet/talking on the phone/being a busy person.


This picture is from one of my favorite moments of the holiday. After a good long soak in the hot tub, Thad and I ran out into the deep snow and did big snow angels side-by-side. Our fellow soakers were too wimpy to follow suit, but I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this kind of silliness, thanks to all the cold showers I take for Kundalini Yoga.


And now we are home. Our new home! We are still getting settled, but I really love it. I’ve gotten all my little knick-knacks out and so it’s really starting to feel like my domain. This is the top of my bureau where I keep my favorite jewelry in small antique boxes and pictures of my family and images of different representations of Divinity that resonate with me.


This was a quandary for me as we moved in….what to do with all my yoga clothes in my new and very miniscule closet. I am not naturally a very traditionally organized person, so I’m rather proud of this one. I bought a shoe hanging bag and have rolled up all my yoga clothes into the different compartments. Tops at the top, coverups, then leggings and then tights at the bottom. How do you keep your yoga clothes organized? In my old house I just had them all on one shelf and it was a mess!


Tonight I cooked our third proper meal in the new kitchen. Cooking is very grounding for me. I filled the fridge with nice fruit and veg today and I’m looking forward to a week ahead of plenty of time in the kitchen.

So there you have it! A rather long update.

Lila is about to go through a little makeover so keep stopping by to see what’s new.

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I hope everyone had a lovely holiday.

Love and Blessings,