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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi there!
    i’ve been reading your posts bout your practice with DG in Kovalam
    im actually planning a trip there next year in Feb,2014
    just want to as k a few qs if it is alrite 🙂
    1. where is the shala that the practice is held
    2. what kind of accommodation will you recommend if im travelling there solo

    many thanks in advance!

    • hello hoay.
      you will have a great time in kovalam! it is a wonderful place. the shala in 2014 will be at a hotel called the “golden sands” i believe. you can stay there, i know a lot of other practitioners will be staying there. there are also a lot of small hotels and rental apartments in the area. for example, there is an inexpensive hotel called ‘vedic heritage’ right around the corner from the shala. also, you can rent (more pricey) small apartments at aruno dhayam and winterhouse apartments nearby. another hotel a lot of dg’s students stay at is called ‘maharaju’s palace’. it can be challenging to find places online and actually figure out their exact location, but look for places near the lighthouse and close to the beach. you do not want to stay anywhere near the junction, it would be too far away of a walk.
      DG has a list on his site of places students have stayed in the past that they recommend, so definitely take a look at that too.
      hope you have a great trip! i won’t be there this year, but i really enjoyed our past 2 winters in kovalam.

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